About Us

Chamber Choir Kolm Lindu was Founded in Tartu in 2017

The idea to create a choir had been taking root for several years, but for various reasons – the lack of time, initiative, etc. – it had not come to fruition. At the beginning of 2017, the idea was revived and singers started finding their way to the choir one-by-one. Mostly via personal connections (singers-conductors), but some just came and asked whether they could sing with us. It was only a matter of time for a fresh and different choir format to form in the city of dreamers. Even several of our own singers had secretly nurtured the dream of forming a new larger musical group … And here we now were – actually coming together to make music!

The conductor of chamber choir Kolm Lindu is Valter Soosalu. We also collaborate with guest conductors and instrumentalists (Mikk Üleoja, Jaan-Eik Tulve, Benjamin Kirk, Uku Toots, Theodor Sink, Vambola Krigul).

Kolm Lindu Meets About Twice a Month

Most of the work is done individually at home. It is important that everyone finds a way of learning the music that is most suited for them. The choir’s main focus is on a thorough and inspiring rehearsal process, and singing varied, beautiful and demanding music. We find joy in engaging and meaningful music, and hold the process itself in high esteem.

The skirts of chamber choir Kolm Lindu are made from an environmentally friendly fine-wool material, sewn by Manna Couture in Tartu. Our female singers wear earrings from the collection “Leaves” by the artist Mari Seger.

Chamber choir Kolm Lindu sings from original sheet music.



Anita, Anneli, Epp, Elis, Kairi, Katriin, Laura-Liisa, Magda, Pille, Saskia,  Triinu


Andreas, Indrek, Kaarel, Karl, Lauri, Robert, Tauri, Tõnis


Andres, Anton, Ilmar, Laur, Ranno, Taavi, Toomas

Chamber choir Kolm Lindu is looking for male singers with prior singing experience! Contact us any time during the season: gmail / FB


Eleri, Elise, Eva Lotta, Hanna-Lisette, Janetta, Kaisa, Katherin, Katrin, Linda, Mia

Our Name

There was still some time until the first rehearsal. The list of singers was not final yet and we had not met each other. But as work was underway in the background, we needed to give this undertaking a name. Something to convey good wishes as a dowry to keep us safe.

There is a fairytale where all the birds of the world come together to discuss what the best and most important thing in the world is. The swan thinks it is love, the hummingbird says it is pleasure, to the magpie it is money, to the pelican dedication, etc., until the phoenix interrupts. The king of the birds, according to the author, says that the most important thing is to live with all your heart, to live flaming without sparing yourself. To live in a way that your compassionate light would warm the world. He says that we are all special, we are all important, we are life. When combined with the bird motife of unimpeded gliding somewhere high over the rustling forests, these two ideas formed our name. The birds here are a symbol of values, wishes, thoughts, dreams. They may be different for all our singers, but when sown in the same soil, these differences make up our World.

Why three birds? Well, honestly – no other number came to mind. When rationalising the number retrospectively, then one seemed somewhat odd, two comparative, four too much like a reference to voice groups, five felt like an ensemble, etc. So we were left with Kolm Lindu (Three Birds). The name was chosen by popular vote.